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Community FAQ's


In the process of bringing continued transparency to the residents of Rancho Murieta from the RMCSD we are providing a question and answer section in the Pipeline which will also be repeated on our Website in the section called FAQ’S.

Let’s start with questions related to Riverview in Rancho Murieta South. This development was approved in 2007 by Sacramento County for 140 lots, along with Lakeview for 99 lots.  Both were bank held until 2017 when they became Reynen & Bardis properties again.  Currently the 140 Riverview lots are being developed and are the subject of several development questions.

Why are Riverview Developers Reynen & Bardis allowed to use Rancho Murieta water for grading during construction?

·  They have paid for hook ups.

·  There is no other source of water for keeping dust down and for keeping natural asbestos at bay.

·  This is standard practice for landowners and developers.

·  The county has approved this development and we have an obligation to maintain and monitor the dust that is    produced during the grading process. It is not feasible for them to go offsite to get the water that is used to control the dust, so we are obligated to sell them water.

How was the $781,785 received from Reynen and Bardis distributed?

The District received a check in the amount of $781,785, from Reynen & Bardis, August 17, 2021. After working with EPS (who manages the 670 FSA) for the final distribution amounts, we issued the reimbursement checks on Friday, September 10, 2021. The distribution of the funds is below. As agreed, to by the signors of the 670 FSA, the District costs associated with the legal and consulting work needed to address the concerns by Reynen & Bardis, was collected from the each of the parties involved. We will continue to monitor the status of the potential the Lakeview reimbursement in the future.

Where the water is going, why is Clementia so low?

· Clementia historically gets lower in the summer due to evaporation, this year it has been unprecedented.

· We have used water from Clementia this summer to meet our obligations to supply water to the South Golf Course.

· Normally we use recycled water for the Golf Course, but the amount of recycled water available this season has been less than normal, due to a shortage of recycled water which we attribute to the general conservation habits of residents.


Why is the Clementia dock blocked off?

· The water in the Clementia Reservoir is so low that it was starting to compromise the integrity of the dock, so it has been unbolted.

· It is not usable when the water is this low.

· The District is discussing a joint maintenance project with RMA that will take advantage of this situation.

· Hopefully we can use this time when the water is low to clean out the cove and result in a better place for swimming and recreation for years to come.