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The Rancho Murieta Community Services District (District) Security Department is soliciting your input into your top five (5) security concerns in the District.

In March 2017, a community survey was made available online and hard copy formats for people to complete regarding the Security Department and security concerns within the District. The survey was developed, collected, and analyzed by the consulting firm the District retained in 2016. The firm, Burns and McDonnell, Inc., released their full report in late 2017, including the survey. In April 2018, the report and survey were released to the public.

In October 2018, the District along with Rancho Murieta Association (RMA) held a joint town hall meeting for residents to voice their concerns regarding security within the District. The meeting was held in a workshop type format where residents went around the room listing their concerns or comments in four (4) different topics. RMA collected the comments and forwarded them to the District.

The Chief took the comments, and leaving them in their respective topics, assigned areas of responsibility for each comment; for example, CSD, RMA, CSD/RMA (jointly), and OTHER meaning outside jurisdictions such as the Califonria Highway Patrol (CHP) or Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department (SSD). The Matrix was then discussed and released to the public at the Joint Security Committee Meeting in February 2019. During that meeting, the Committee decided to seek the public’s input on their top five (5) security concerns within the District, ranked by order of importance.

The District has published the Burns and McDonnell survey and the Security Town Hall meeting Matrix on the District’s website for review. These documents can also be picked up in paper format at the District Administration Building, The Murieta Village Office, and the RMA Building. You can leave your top five (5) concerns by clicking on the link below, by sending an email directly to, or dropping off a written response to the District, Murieta Village, or RMA buildings. The concerns will be collected and presented to the Joint Security Committee at a future meeting. The deadline for your response is May 31, 2019.

The Security Department and the District thank you for your effort in this matter.

March 2017 Security Concern SurveyOctober 2019 Townhall Matrix

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Some Facts Regarding the 2017 Security Survey

  1. 443 - Total Respondents
  2. 4,456 - Adults in Rancho Murieta
  3. 10% - Response Rate
  4. 354 - Respondents needed to represent a statistically valid survey with 95% confidence level and 5% margin of error
  5. 25% - The amount by which the survey surpassed the respondents needed for a statistically valid sample
  6. Ratio of North/South survey respondents exactly mirrored the ratio of North/South households
  7. # of North Rancho Murieta Households: 1,857
  8. # of South Rancho Murieta Households: 767
  9. Ratio of Total South/North Households (71%/29%)
  10. # of North Rancho Murieta Responses: 304
  11. # of South Rancho Murieta Responses: 126
  12. Ratio of South/North Responses to Security Survey (71%/29%)