Utilities Publications


Recycled Water System Expansion Project - Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration - June 2014

The purpose of this Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration is to assess the potential effects on the environment and the significance of those effects by consolidating the District's two (2) Waste Discharge Requirements into a renew Waste Discharge Requirement for the District's Wastewater Reclamation Plant and a new Master Reclamation Permit.

Final Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration

Title XVI Recycled Water Feasibility Study - June 2014

The purpose of this Title XVI Recycled Water Feasibility Study is to evaluate and compare potential alternatives for expanding the District's existing recycled water program and determine whether the expansion is cost effective compared to the "No Project" alternative. Use the link below to view the Study.

Title XVI Recycled Water Feasibility Study

Water Shortage Contingency Plan - September 2012

The purpose of this Water Shortage Contingency Plan is to provide direction on specific actions to be taken by District staff and customers in response to increasingly severe water supply shortage conditions. Use the link below to view the Plan.

Water Shortage Contingency Plan

2020 Compliance Plan - September 2010

The District contracted with Brown and Caldwell to develop a 2020 Compliance Plan to help meet new mandates for water conservation that have been incorporated into recent state legislation. The Water Conservation Act of 2009 is legislation passed as Senate Bill X7-7 (SB7). Enacted in November 2009 by California lawmakers, SB7 requires water suppliers throughout the State to decrease per capita urban potable water use by ten percent (10%) by December 31, 2015 and by twenty percent (20%) by December 31, 2020. Use the link below to view the plan.

2020 Compliance Plan

Annual Water Department Report

Director of Field Operations reviewed the Water Department Operations. Use the link below to view the presentations.

2014 Annual Water Department Report

2013 Annual Water Department Report

2012 Annual Water Department Report


Article from the CA Department of Health Services

The following is an informative article regarding coliform and drinking water.

Coliform and Drinking Water

Article from the CA Department of Water Resources
The following is a very useful article on adjusting sprinkler settings and also some helpful links about efficient water use.

Efficient Water Use