Water Department


Water Source and Storage
The source of water for all uses is primarily the Cosumnes River plus some direct rainfall into reservoir watersheds. State water rights permit diversion for municipal usage only during winter and spring months.

Wastewater Collection, Storage, and Recycling
Imposed at the formation of Rancho Murieta, state regulations prohibit any discharge of wastewater into the Cosumnes River. Regulations require treated wastewater to be recycled for irrigation of golf courses, parks, and common areas.

Help Prevent Costly Sewage Overflows

Storm water and irrigation runoff are collected in the drainage system throughout the community.

You are also encouraged to visit Sacramento County Storm Water Quality Program to learn more about how you can improve storm water quality.

Click here for more information regarding storm water control.

Residential Gallons per Capita per Day - Comparison of 2013, 2014, and 2015 Rancho Murieta residential potable water consumption based on 2010 Census.

December 2017 Residential Gallons per Capita per Day


Residential Gallons per Capita Per Day - October 2017Average Water Consumption 2017-2018