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1991 Resolutions


Resolution 91-1 Honoring Richard Bandt, DirectorResolution 91-2 Authorizing Bank Signature CardsResolution 91-3 Authorizing Execution of DocumentResolution 91-4 Amending REsoltuion No. 90-31Resolution 91-5 Approving Official Statement of CFD #1Resolution 91-6 Appointing Representatives to Sacramento Area Water AuthorityResolution 91-7 Intent to Establish a CFDResolution 91-8 Intent to Issue Bonds by a Special Tax for CFDResolution 91-9 Water ConservationResolution 91-10 Authority of District Finance Officer to Deposit and Invest FundsResolution 91-11 Bank Signature CardsResolution 91-12 Accepting EasementsResolution 91-13 Support the 1991 Sacramento International Air ShowResolution 91-14 Employer's Contribution for Public Employees' MedicalResolution 91-15 Cost Sharing of Bureau of Reclamation Feasibility StudyResoultion 91-16 Accepting EasementsResolution 91-17 Authorizing Execution of DocumentResolution 91-18 Honoring John J. "Jack" Wegner as VolunteerResolution 91-19 Honoring Marcia Keeler, Ron Miller, and John Bowman for Water FairResolution 91-20 Authorizing Collection of Delinquent Rates, Charges, PenaltiesResolution 91-21 ID AssessmentsResolution 91-22  Amending Rules and Procedures for the Board of DirectorsResolution 91-23 Accepting Easements Michigan Bar Levee Access RoadResolution 91-24 Accepting Grant Deed and Authorizing Execution of DocumentsResolution 91-25 Appointing Representatives to Sacramento Metro Water AuthorityResolution 91-26 Authorizing Purchase on Behalf of Rancho Murieta CSD