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Integrated Water Master Plan

Welcome to the Integrated Water Master Plan Update Project

 Rancho Murieta Community Services District using ArcGIS StoryMaps, which is a web-based, storytelling application that allows the District to share information in the form of maps accompanied by narrative descriptions and other multimedia. The District has created the StoryMaps below to share maps, data, and other content with the community during the Integrated Water Master Plan (IWMP) project. The District also seeks to use this tool to invoke a shared understanding of the IWMP purpose, the District’s water system infrastructure, and the current and future conditions impacting the District’s water supply. There are three StoryMaps, each associated with a project phase.

Phase One: Supply

This StoryMap provides information about Rancho Murieta’s water supply system, including details on water rights and reservoir volumes. Viewers of this StoryMap will obtain a more comprehensive understanding of how water is collected, stored in supply reservoirs and moves through the community water supply system.

IWMP StoryMap Phase One - Water Supply 

Phase Two: Demands

This StoryMap provides information about Rancho Murieta’s historic demands, today’s demands and also projected future water demands. There are charts and tables of water metered billing consumption data showing trends on how our customers currently use water. To support a detailed look into how engineering assessments and water forecasts are performed for future planning purposes, this StoryMap contains the best available information the District currently has on future development. Viewers of this StoryMap will learn details about historic, current, and estimated future water use for Rancho Murieta.

IWMP StoryMap Phase two - Water Demand

Phase Three: Scenarios

This future StoryMap will provide information about the planning Scenarios tested, including how Supplies are compared to Demands. There are many potential Scenarios to review together to understand how and under what conditions Supplies will meet Demands. Included in this review, we will be seeking to understand the data and analysis to make science based decisions, as there are a lot of details and research studies that inform us. We will be looking into the potential changes in Supply availability or shifts in Demands, including options to expand recycled water deliveries and address potential climate risks. During this final Project phase, a critical step is to define three pragmatic planning Scenarios, that will then be tested further in an even more detailed water system hydraulic model. This model is used to assess the feasibility of various capital (system infrastructure) improvements and associated costs to continue to inform the District decisions in how to invest further in the community water system.

(pending creation)