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Is the District a Private Business?

Rancho Murieta Community Services District (District) is an "independent special district", formed in 1982 by State Government Code 61000 to provide essential services in Rancho Murieta.

Why Doesn't the District Have a Low-Income Program?

The District is a publicly owned form of local government called a "Special District" regulated by the State of California. We are also regulated by Proposition 218 passed by California voters in 1996. The rates and charges are approved by the elected Board of Directors in compliance with state law. In particular, Proposition 218 prohibits us from collecting from any customer more than the amount required to provide water service. By providing a reduced rate, other payers would subsidize the low "reduced rate' ratepayers. Those paying the subsidy would be paying in excess of the cost of service to their parcel in violation of Proposition 218.

What Charges on My Bill Mean?

Flat Charge or Meter Charge - these charges pay the District's fixed operations and maintenance costs, such as water line repairs, consulting services, and wages. Click here for rate structure and fees.

Usage Charge is the portion of your bill used for variable operations and maintenance costs, such as purchasing chemicals for water treatment and electricity.

Residential and non-residential meters are billed based on actual water usage each month. In the event the water meter read is zero usage, the account will have an estimated usage charge equal to the usage as in the same month in the prior year. This usage amount will be billed at the current volumetric rate per cubic foot.

Special Districts Financial Transactions Report