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Backflow (Cross Connection)

Backflow (Cross-Connection)


Backflow devices protect the public water system from being contaminated from private systems that have the potential to have water flow back in to the public water system.  The backflow device allows water to flow in one direction only, towards the service user.  These devices need to be tested annually to ensure their proper operation.


The Rancho Murieta CSD has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sacramento County Environmental Management Department for providing the implementation of the cross-connection control program.  Backflow Agreement with Sac EMD

A Sacramento County approved backflow tester must be used

Only approved backflow devices may be used.  The approved list of backflow prevention assemblies is available from the University of Southern California’s Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research website located at


Failure to properly operate and maintain a required backflow device may result in enforcement actions, up to and including the water supply being shut off, with fees payable to the RMCSD prior to water being turned back on.