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Utilities Publications


Laguna Joaquin Engineering PlansSewer System Management Plan - Updated December 2019Water Supply Augmentation Fee and Capital Improvement Fee Study - November 2017Recycled Water Preliminary Design Report - June 2017Cosumnes River Watershed Sanitary Survey (Source Water Assessment) - December 2016Recycled Water Modeling Study - November 2016Water Supply Assessment- Rancho Murieta North Project - January 20, 2016 Waste Discharge Requirements and Master Recycling Permit - December 2014Sewer System Management Plan Update - July 2014Recycled Water System Expansion - Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration - 2014 Title XVI Recycled Water Feasibility Study - June 2014Title 22 Engineering Report - December 2013 Augmentation Well - Technical Memo-  December 2013Recycled Water Standards - October 2013Water Shortage Contingency Plan - September 2012Cosumnes River Sanitary Survey - December 2011 2020 Compliance Plan - 2010Integrated Water Master Plan Update - 2010Operations Manual for the Delivery and Use of Recycled Water to RMCC - May 2010Storm Water Management Program for RMCSD - February 2009Lake Management Plan - 2009Sewer System Management Plan - October 2009Operational Audit  - April 2008Storm Water Management Program - March 2007Wastewater Facilities Expansion and Financing Report - July 2007Integrated Water Master Plan - November 2006Granlees Dam Accessibility Restriction Predesign Alternatives Study - December 2005  Wastewater Reclamation Plant Comprehensive Technical Evaluation Report -  2004 Rancho Murieta North Infrastructure Master Plan - Revised January 2004Lake Management Plan - 2001Agreement Between District and Andersons Re: Groundwater Development -  1994 Amendment to Agreement for Availability and Use of Reclaimed Water - 1994Rancho Murieta Water Rights, Domestic and Reclaimed Water - 1991RM Water Supply: Planning for Future Droughts - February 1990RM Water Supply: Planning for Future Droughts Supplemental Report - April 1990 Storm Drainage & Flood Control Master Plan - June 1988Agreement for Availability and Use of Reclaimed Wastewater - 1988Equine Complex Agreement Regarding Water Usage - October 1987Agreement Among CIA, RMP, CSD Re: Granlees Dam, CIA Canal and Water Rights - 1987