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Security Frequently Asked Questions


Can I call the gate to find out what the road conditions are like?
The Security Department does not routinely monitor road conditions, so please refrain from calling the gate requesting this type of information. The number for current road conditions is 1-800-427-ROAD.  

Can I call the gate to get another resident's phone number?
No. The Security Department policy prohibits District Security Officers from giving out private information.

If I receive a Rancho Murieta Association citation for a C.C. & R. violation, what should I do?
Call the Rancho Murieta Association (RMA) Office at 916-354-3500 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and speak to the Rancho Murieta Association Compliance Officer.

How many District Security Officers are on duty each day?

When the District Security Department is fully staffed, there is one (1) District Patrol Officer on day shift, two (2) District Patrol Officers on swing-shift and one (1) District Patrol Officer on graveyard shift. Off-duty Sacramento County Sheriff Deputies are hired occasionally to help out on weekends when there is only one (1) District Patrol Officer scheduled to work. Shifts are adjusted based on the needs of the community, for example additional shifts may be added over the July 4th weekend.

What types of training do District Security Officers receive?

District Security Officers engage in a formal, documented training process. The training includes internal patrol and gate monitoring training and trainings conducted by the State Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, such as the elements of lawful arrest, use of force, report writing and communications. In addition, each District Security Officer is issued several training manuals when hired. These manuals include an Employee Manual, Security Manual, Gate Officer Training Manual, and a Patrol Officer Manual.

Training updates are also conducted on a regular basis to present new information, refresh prior trainings, and to address new issues and problems as they arise. These training updates occur through one and one training, training bulletins, seminars and memos.

When do the District Security Officers call the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department for assistance?

District Security Officers will call the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department for assistance with certain crimes that are occurring or have occurred within the District, including disturbances, certain property related crimes, domestic violence, and civil issues. These calls may originate from a victim or witness. District Security Officers also work closely with the Sacramento County Sheriff's POP (Problem Oriented Policing) Deputy regarding neighborhood problems, such as vandalism, issues at the parks, and quality of life issues including driving concerns and chronic neighborhood issues.

In an emergency, residents of Rancho Murieta are always advised to call 911.

Why are so many calls to the District Security Department listed as GOA or UTL?

GOA (gone on arrival) and UTL (unable to locate) refers to the disposition of a call received by Dispatch. When a complaint is called into Dispatch, the Dispatch Officer writes down the information and a Security Patrol Officer is dispatched to the call. Depending on several factors, such as the Security Patrol Officer's location when dispatched, the type of call, and if it is a valid call, will help determine the outcome. For example, if a complaint comes in regarding reckless driving around the Gazebo, by the time the call is made, a Security Patrol Officer is dispatched and then arrives, the car could be gone.

What type of training and qualifications do District Patrol Officers need in order to carry firearms?

District Security Patrol Officers may carry a firearm while on duty, if the Security Patrol Officer completes a training course in the use of firearms and a training course in the exercise of powers of arrest. These training courses must meet the standards prescribed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. In addition, Security Patrol Officers must also obtain a firearm permit from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services by complying with all requirements regarding firearm permits.

May District Security Officers make arrests pursuant to arrest warrants?

District Security Officers may not make arrests pursuant to misdemeanor or felony warrants, unless a particular warrant is directed to the Security Patrol Officer for execution by the person who issued the warrant, usually a magistrate.

How can residents of Rancho Murieta assist the District in providing security services to the community?

The residents of Rancho Murieta can assist the District in providing security services by helping to be the eyes and ears of the District Security Department. Residents should call in suspicious activities or circumstances they observe or encounter and should notify District Security Officers of any safety related issues, including Rancho Murieta Association rule violations. If needed, the District Security Department will refer the issue to the proper entity.