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Authority and Scope of Security Services


Pursuant to Section 61100(j) of the Government Code and authorization of the Local Agency Formation Commission, the District provides Security Services necessary to protect lives and property within the boundaries of the District. Security Gate Officers and Security Patrol Officers are responsible for protecting lives and property by seeking to prevent an incident or offense from occurring in the District. In situations where prevention of an incident or offense is not possible, the function of Security Gate Officers or Security Patrol Officers is to observe and report the incident to a law enforcement agency, such as the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department, except as otherwise authorized by District Code Chapter 21. Security Gate Officers and Security Patrol Officers are not peace officers and, except in limited circumstances as authorized in District Code, Chapter 21, are not responsible for any law enforcement activities, including but not limited to: chasing; apprehending or detaining suspected criminals; investigating criminal acts; or enforcing state or county laws, including traffic regulations.   

District Code Chapter 21 - Security Code - Update June 2018

Reward Policy
The purpose of this policy is to set forth a procedure for establishing security reward offers. This policy is to provide a reward to encourage members of the community to come forward with information that could lead to the arrest and conviction of offenders who have committed crimes within Rancho Murieta.

District Policy 2007-02 Reward Policy