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What is Reclaimed (recycled) Water?

“Reclaimed Water” is wastewater which, as a result of treatment, is suitable for uses other than potable use. There are various types of reclaimed water depending on their source and level of treatment. Here, in Rancho Murieta, our reclaimed water is tertiary treated and it is used for irrigation to offset potable water use.  Tertiary treated water has been filtered and disinfected to meet stringent criteria for reclamation use. 

Current Status of Reclaimed Water Availability

Currently reclaimed water is only available to the Rancho Murieta Country Club (RMCC) for the irrigation of their two 18 hole golf courses.  Why?  Because currently there is not enough sewer being returned from the community for processing into reclaimed water.  This may change soon as new homes and businesses are built which will use more water and therefore return more water through the sewer system.  The Director of Field Operations is also exploring an idea to capture rain water from an adjacent drainage system to put into storage that would help to supplement the reclaimed supply.

Permit Procedure for Reclaimed Water Service

Every site where reclaimed water is to be used for landscape irrigation must obtain a Reclaimed Water Permit prior to receiving service from the District. Permits will be issued after the Applicant has met the following permit requirements:

Reclaimed Water Irrigation System Installation Process
  1. Attendance at District-sponsored Reclaimed Water Orientation.
  2. Submission of Application for Reclaimed Water Permit and Reclaimed Water Plan.
  3. Reclaimed Water Plan preparation and approval by the District.
  4. Installation of reclaimed water irrigation system consistent with District Standards.
  5. District inspection and approval of exposed landscape irrigation system.
  6. Construction completion and successful completion of District final site inspection including backflow prevention device, coverage, and Cross-Connection testing.
  7. Submission of as-built Reclaimed Water Plan.

Following Reclaimed Water Permit issuance, a site may receive reclaimed water in accordance with these Standards. If the system is found to be inconsistent with these Standards, the District will advise the Applicant on corrective actions. A site inspection will be scheduled after a reasonable period to ensure compliance.

Reclaimed Water Orientation

All Applicants must attend a District sponsored orientation prior to initiating landscape design or installation. This orientation is designed to explain the District’s reclaimed water guidelines, uses, requirements, and the process by which reclaimed water service can be achieved. Applicants, as well as designers and contractors working in dual-plumbed subdivisions, are required to attend a District sponsored orientation. All designers and contractors are required to attend the orientation every 24 months.

Application of Reclaimed Water Permit

Applicants meeting the requirements for reclaimed water service shall file an Application for Reclaimed Water Service with the District on a standard form provided by the District for that purpose (also see Appendix C of Reclaimed Water Standards for Application  for Onsite Recycled Water Irrigation Use Permit Form).

Recycled Water Not Available Yet - Homebuyer Notification FormApplication for Reclaimed Water Service

 The application form shall contain detailed information concerning the application as follows:

  1. The name of the property or development that will be irrigated with reclaimed water.
  2. The Applicant’s relationship to the property for which reclaimed water service is requested. In cases where the Applicant is not the legal owner of the property, the legal owner shall consent to the application on a supplemental notarized form.
  3. The address, legal description, and parcel number of the property covered by the application.
  4. The proposed use of reclaimed water within defined designated Use Area on the property.
  5. The current source of irrigation water (if any).
  6. The estimated service requirements for reclaimed water (i.e. pressure and flow).
  7. The designation of a proposed Applicant’s Site Supervisor.

Reclaimed Water Publications

Reclaimed Water Standards

DIstrict Policy 2011-07 Authorized and Mandated Use of Reclaimed Water 

District Code Chapter 17 - Reclaimed Water Code

Ordinance 2011-05 Adding Chapter 17 to the District Code Regarding Reclaimed Water System