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1990 Resolutions


Resolution 90-1 Chage in Improvement in Improvement District No. 1Resolution 90-2 Amending the Personnel ManualResolution 90-3 Electing CSDA Workers Compensation ProgramResolution 90-4 Conset to Self Insure Woker's Compensation LiabilitiesResoluton 90-5 Accpeting EasementsResolutoin 90-6 Execution of Joint Powers Agreement for Sacramento Area Water AuthorityResolution 90-7 Appointing Representatives to Sacramento Area Water AuthorityResolution 90-8 Water ConservationResolution 90-9 Employer's Contribution for Public Employees' MedicalResolution 90-10 Oliver vs. RMCSDResolution 90-11 District's 1990-91 BudgetResolution 90-12 Calling General ElectionResolution 90-13 Forclosure of Delinquent AssessmentsResolution 90-14 Collection of Delinquent RatesResolution 90-15 Ameding District's 1990-91 BudgetResolution 90-16 Collectin of ID AssessmentsResolution 90-17 Estalbish CFD and Levy Special TaxResolution 90=18 Intent to Issue Bonds Secured by Special TaxResolution 90-19 EasementsResolution 90-20 Easement and Execution of DocumentsResolution 90-21 Granting DeedResolution 90-22 Oliver by RMCSDResolution 90-23 Adopting Previaling Wage ScaleResolution 90-24 Excluded from Formation of County Service Area #2Resolution 90-25 Right-of-Way General Lease with State Lands CommissionResolution 90-26 Establishing CFD #1Resolution 90-27 Necessity to Incur a Bonded IndebtednessResolution 90-28 Sacramento County to Assist with Special ElectionResolution 90-29 Execution of Park Development AgreementResolution 90-30 Result of Special Election re: CFD #1Resolution 90-31 Issuance of Principal Amount of RMCSD CFD#1Resolution 90-32 Authorizing Filing of Validation Action re: Principal Amount Resolution 90-33 District's Appropriations LimitResoltulion 90-34 studies for Auburn DamResoltuion 90-35 Selecting a Paying Agent/RegistrarResolution 90-36 Result of November 6, 1990 ElectionResolution 90-37  Staement for CFD #1