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1994 Resolutions


Resolution 94-01 Membership in Sacramento Metro Water AuthorityResolution 94-2 Accepting Easements and Execution of Document for Unit 6Resolution 94-3 Accepting Easements and Execution of RM Airport Water & Sewer LinesResolutoin 94-4 Ratifying Organization Infrastrucutre for Sacramento Area Water PlanResolution 94-5 Designating Signatures for District Bank AccountsResolution 94-6  District 1994-95 BudgetResolution 94-7 Authorizing Execution of LeaseResolution 94-8 Appointment Representative to Sacramento Area Water AuthorityResolution 94-9 Authorize Sale of Surplus EquipmentResolution 94-10 Rules and Procedures for Board of DirectorsResolution 94-11 Outlining Collection of Delinquent Assessment - Improvement Bond Act of 1915Resolution 94-12 Calling General ElectionResolution 94-13 Delinquent Rates, Charges and PenaltiesResolution 94-14 Aprpoving CFD #1 Tax Report for 1994-1995Resolution 94-15 Collection of Improvement District AssessmentsResolution 94-16 Delinquent Accounts 1993-94Resolution 94-17 ID#1 AssessmentsResolution 94-18 Authorize Sale of Surplus EquipmentResolution 94-19 Adopting Revised District Personnel ManualResolution 94-20 Accpeting Easement for Fred & Patricia Anderson DrainageResolution 94-21 Reimbuse Expenditures from Proceeds of Tax Exempt SecuritiesResolution 94-22 Amending  Appendix A of Chapter 3 of the District CodeResolution 94-23 Declaring Results of November 8, 1994 ElectionResolution 94-24 Appreciation of John M. Sullivan, DirectorResolution 94-25 Appreciation of W. Corey Trench, DirectorResolution 94-26 Authorize Sale of Surplus Equipment