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BUOY ALERT Chesbro Reservoir

The District has installed a buoy system around the aeration system in the Chesbro reservoir

The Rancho Murieta Community Services District (District) has received approval from its Board and the Rancho Murieta Association Board to install protections around the Chesbro reservoir’s aeration system.  This includes fencing around the air compressors and a buoy system around where the aeration pods are situated within the reservoir.  The aeration system is required for water quality by oxidizing iron and manganese naturally present in the reservoirs soils. 

It is critical for the preservation of the system and the Community's water quality that the fencing, buoys and aeration system are not tampered with.  Please help us preserve this system. 

Please understand that this is for the protection of the community’s water quality.

Below is a diagram of the Aeration in Chesbro Reservoir:

Aeration at Chesbro Explanation


If you have any questions please contact Paul Siebensohn, Director of Field Operations, at 916-354-3700.