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District Easements

 When water, sewer, or drainage emergencies occur, it is critical that the District has clear access to its utility easements. If the shut off valves, sewer clean-outs, isolation valves, etc. are difficult to locate, service can be unnecessarily delayed.

Example of meter box found under a resident’s bushes. 


It is against the District Code to place obstructions in, around, or over easements/utilities. This includes landscaping over water meter boxes, water shut-off valves, sewer clean outs, or placing large rocks, trees, or structures in or around drainage easements. Please keep access clear by cutting back or removing bushes or shrubs that may hinder access.

Easements are noted in preliminary title reports relating to property. If you are considering purchasing property, ask the Home Inspector to point out the easements.

The District has the right to access meters, service connections, collection systems, and drainage facilities. Violation of the District Code could result in fines up to $500.


Drainage Easements in Rancho Murieta


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