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There has been some discussion in the Community about a DUI driver and Security that occurred on May 25, 2020, at 5:40 pm. I have included information from the Security Log and the DUI report written by the Security Officers that investigated the incident. The release of this information is to clear up any misinformation circulating out in the Community and to illustrate that Security does get involved with DUI drivers. This is a typical situation and how we get engaged with DUI drivers. The drivers are involved in an accident, and usually at night.  When we arrive on the scene, and If we detect objective symptoms of intoxication, we notify CHP to respond. CHP will conduct the investigation and make the arrest if they determine appropriate. Security becomes witnesses to the incident. In the interest of public safety, Security can make a Citizens Arrest for DUI if the driver attempts to flee or becomes uncooperative. Once Security makes a Citizens Arrest, the driver is turned over to CHP, who will conduct their investigation.

Patrol responded to a reported golf cart accident near the first and second holes on the north course. While in route to the call, they saw a subject driving the wrong way on n/b Murieta north Parkway in the area of the 18th tee box.  The vehicle had major left front damage, broken tie rod and a flat tire. She was driving on three tires.

Officers made contact with the driver.  While conversing with the driver, officers detected an odor of alcoholic beverage on her breath and person.  Her eyes were bloodshot and her speech was slurred.  Officers inquired as to what she had collided with and she stated she had not hit anything. She said she was driving home from the river. She also lied about her age to the officers.  With the objective signs of intoxication, officers requested the CHP respond to conduct a DUI investigation.

While awaiting the CHP to arrive, the driver started her cart, turned around in traffic, and drove away from the Officers. The Officers followed her.

.She ran the stop sign at Fuente de Paz and continued n/b on the Parkway.  She stopped at Via Serreno and then backed into a patrol car while trying to get away again.  Officers removed the key from the cart so she would not drive away again and requested the CHP expedite their response.

CHP arrived on the scene at 1823 hours, conducted his investigation, and subsequently took the driver into custody for violation of 23152 (a) cvc.

The cart was parked on Via Serreno, at the mother’s request.  The accident occurred on the cart path between tee box 1 and 2. She hit a wood signpost—no damage to the post. The Country Club was notified.

Above all else, we want people to be safe. Please don’t drink and drive. A person can be arrested for DUI in any motorized vehicle, on private or public roadways or property.


Rancho Murieta Security - DUI Policy