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Grease into a can graphic


FOG is not only a weather phenomenon, but in the sewer system it can be a real problem. This F.O.G. is fats, oils, and grease. With Thanksgiving around the corner, as a reminder, all cooking grease (frying oils, salad oils, bacon grease, meat drippings, and greasy leftovers) can create plumbing problems, particularly for our sewer collection system and treatment plant, if poured down sink drains. If small amounts of grease accidentally get into a drain, flush immediately with COLD water. Hot water and detergent only break up the grease temporarily.

 Any cooking oil produced for food preparation and consumption purposes that are no longer useful because of use, extended storage, or spillage can be set out for collection. Just call Cal Waste at 916-354-4154 and they will deliver empty containers for your used cooking oil. Then set out the full containers on your next regular collection day. Used cooking oil shall not contain water, soapsuds, and/or food debris.

Likewise, be careful with putting excess foods in your garbage disposal as they can lead to clogs in the garbage disposal and sewer service.