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Filling the Reservoirs


The Cosumnes River is the source of water for the Community. The District is authorized to divert water into all three storage reservoirs (Calero, Chesbro, and Clementia) to ensure that the District maximizes the water
available for the community’s needs. The Department of Drinking Water (DDW) currently
allows only the water pumped into Calero and Chesbro to be used for drinking water. Because
recreational and irrigation use is allowed at Clementia, the water pumped into Clementia is
currently restricted from use as drinking water, but the District has asked the DDW to
evaluate what steps would be needed to make that reservoir available as a backup water
source for the community.

Diversion from the river starts no sooner than November 1st, if flow levels are high enough. Typically river flow from the first storms is allowed to pass by, flushing out the river system of sediment and possible contaminants washed in from roadways and agricultural areas. Our goal is to pump the cleanest water possible while being able to fill our reservoirs to maximum capacity each year. We can pump until May 30th.

For more detail go to our website here:

View Cosumnes River flows at the Michigan Bar gauging station on the web here: Cosumnes River flows at Michigan Bar