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Fite the bite - Mosquito prevention

Help prevent mosquitos by dumping standing water. Should you have any Mosquito concerns contact the Sacramento-Yolo Vector Control District at

Mosquito Sources & Prevention:

Fish ponds - stock pond with mosquitofish

Swimming pools & Spas - keep chlorinated and filtered reqularly

Standing Water - drain or dump

Tree Holes - fill with sand or mortar; contact arborist

Containers/Buckets - empty, dispose, turn over, or cover

Wading pools - drain when not in use or cover

Bird baths - change water at least once a week

Watering Troughs - change water frequenly

Street Gutter or Catch Basin - avoid over-irrigation; sweep water into nearest basin

Pet Water Bowls - change water frequently

Roof Gutters - keep clean & free of debris

Irrigated lawns & Fields - avoid over-irrigation

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