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The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department wants you to join their crime-fighting team by joining their Sheriff's Electronic Eye (S.E.E.) Camera Registry Program. The S.E.E. Program allows citizens and business owners to register the locations of their video surveillance systems with the Sheriff's Department. When a crime occurs, the Sheriff's Department will be able to identify the locations of video surveillance systems and enlist the assistance of citizens to help collect video evidence.

It is important to understand that the Sheriff’s Department does not hook up to residents' video cameras so they can use or view video remotely like “Big Brother”. The Sheriff’s Department takes the information from people that register through the S.E.E. program and puts that information into a database that lists private and commercial video surveillance systems. When the Sheriff’s Department is on a crime scene, or Detectives are conducting an investigation, the Officers use the database to look up the neighborhood where the crime occurred and see where registered video systems are located. Then, the Deputies can go to the house, knock on the door, and ask to see any video footage you may have to assist in their investigation.

Residential and commercial video surveillance systems are used to keep your house, family and business safe, but they also can be used to help law enforcement solve crimes. Recently here in Rancho Murieta, a few cars had their windows smashed in during a mid-night vandalism act by two youths. One residence had home video surveillance and the camera captured the act and the suspects on video. Because of that video, a suspect was identified. That information was turned over to the Sheriff’s Department for prosecution.

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