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Landscape Survival Tips With Limited Water


Rancho Murieta has been doing a great job conserving water. Here are some tips for helping your landscape survive with limited water use.

  • Add compost and mulch: Compost's sponge-like nature means that any water applied to your landscape will be absorbed and stay in your soil. Follow compost with two to three inches of organic mulch to slow evaporation, protect roots and moderate soil temperature.
  • Prioritize your landscape and then use limited supplies to water high-value trees and plants first while letting your lawn turn golden. Learn how to protect your trees.

"Soak and Cycle" to Stop Runoff

When you do water higher-value trees and plants, it’s very important to make sure irrigation is efficient.
Here are some quick tips for scheduling run times to avoid wasteful runoff. Runoff occurs when too much water is applied to the soil at once, causing water to runoff from your landscape to the sidewalk and gutter. Instead of scheduling run times for one long cycle, try the "soak and cycle" method. Here's what to do: 

  • Turn on sprinklers and see how long it takes for water to begin running off.
  • Adjust your sprinkler timer to water in three shorter segments.
  • Leave an hour between watering times to allow water to soak into the soil.

Water Conservation Tips and Information

Learn about irrigation, water-wise landscaping and our free water conservation kits. Click here for more information.