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The District has been exploring options to make the Pet Micro-Chip scanner reader more accessible to residents. The scanner has been available at the South Gate if a resident brought the animal to the South Gate. We have realized that for various reasons a resident may not be able to bring an animal to the South Gate to use the scanner.

Effective immediately, residents can still bring the animal to the South Gate to use the scanner, but now residents can elect to check out the scanner, take it with them and return the scanner back to the South Gate when they are done using it. We believe this will make the scanner more accessible to the community. The resident can go to the South Gate and request to check it out. The resident will have to sign an agreement form and will have to return the scanner as soon as they are done with it, no later than 60 minutes (1 hour) after they leave the South Gate. This will ensure the scanner is returned and available for others to use.

District staff will not deliver to or pick up the scanner from a resident; this is the honor system at work. Residents will have more access to the scanner, but they need to be responsible for it and return it when done. We only have one scanner so cooperation from the residents will help ensure availability for its use.

Pet Micro-Chip Scanner Check Out Agreement