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Expecting guests for the holidays? They must be registered!

Residents are required under the Rancho Murieta Association (RMA) CC&Rs to pre-register all guests with the gates. Long car lines and backups occur in the visitor lanes due to residents not pre-registering guests. This is especially crucial for holidays when we have more guests entering the community than usual.

The FastPass system will email or text your guest a FastPass, which is an electronic QR code pass. The Gate Officer will scan the QR code, which will then automatically log in the guest. The FastPass will work for permanent guests also.

To use this new system, residents must have an account on If you do not have an account, please set one up, it only takes a couple of minutes.

Residents may log into their account and enter the guest’s name or select the guest’s name. There will be a tab where the resident can click to elect to send the FastPass. The resident will enter the email address or phone number to send the pass. That is it, simple and fast.

FastPass is only valid for 24 hours and can only be used for one (1) entry. If your guest is staying for multiple days, make sure your account is noted with this information. The guest can check in at the visitor window each day if need be.