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At the beginning of the pandemic, the Governor issued an order which prohibited the District from shutting off water service for non-payment. Beginning with the March 25, 2020 billing cycle, the District discontinued water meter shutoffs and charging 10% late fees and 1% interest on delinquent accounts. At the December 16, 2021 Board Meeting, the Directors voted to begin charging late fees on all accounts that are delinquent as of the January 25, 2021 billing cycle, and interest on the balance of past due accounts. 

An account holder can enter into a pay agreement for their delinquent amount by calling the District office at 916-354-3700. By entering into an agreement, the account holder can pay their outstanding balance within 12 months, interest free. If the District and customer enters into a pay agreement, the customer shall remain current on all new charges as they are billed in each subsequent billing period.