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Update June 2, 2020

Last night was uneventful in Rancho Murieta. The latest update on the civil unrest is that the majority of the “professional” agitators and instigators have moved on as of Sunday night headed towards Northern California.  Last night, the City of Sacramento was calm, relatively speaking, compared to previous nights. We will continue to monitor activities locally and regionally and will provide updates if necessary. If there are no updates, consider no news is good news.

Original Post From June 1, 2020

Recently, there was a social media post that mentioned Rancho Murieta as one of several areas that might get targeted by the vandals and looters.  This was posted Sunday and was supposed to occur Sunday night. There has not been any credible threat towards Rancho Murieta.

In light of this post and the events in the Sacramento area, effective immediately, we are altering patrol staffing to provide additional officers on duty. This is to provide a greater presence in the community and a deterrent to any vandalism and disturbances that may occur in the District. We will monitor the situation daily, both locally and the surrounding communities around Rancho Murieta.   Again, no credible threat has been posted or received by us or local law enforcement. We are working closely with the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department concerning these posts and related information and have also requested extra patrols from the Sheriff’s Department.

Chief Werblun and Sgt. Tompkins will be working on patrol and be available to respond to any activity reported and handle it accordingly. 

As always, if you need any assistance, please call your closest Gate at:

SOUTH GATE:  (916) 354-3743 

NORTH GATE:  (916) 354-3742

If you see any suspicious activity, such as a large group of people gathering, heading toward the community, please call 911 prior to calling the Gate.