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Treatment Notice - September 4, 2020

TYPE OF WORK: 6th Midge Fly treatment at Laguna Joaquin

A contractor for the Rancho Murieta Community Services District (RMCSD) will be treating the Laguna Joaquin drainage detention basin in the north community for non-biting midge flies using Vectobac 12AS this Friday morning in an effort to control the midge flies that hatch from the basin.  Although only 4 treatments have been budgeted for, this will be the 6th treatment this summer, with one more to follow in another two weeks. The product used is non-toxic and is being placed directly into the waters around the basin.  The treatment will not impact anyone walking around the area or any fish or wildlife.

If you have any questions please contact Paul Siebensohn, Director of Field Operations, at 916-354-3700.