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Voluntary Water Reductions for Rancho Murieta Businesses and Residents

The Community Services District, Country Club and Homeowners Association have joined together to lead the Community in a Voluntary Campaign to Reduce Water Use by 15%! As the weather forecast continues to call for dry conditions, and the State is experiencing Severe Drought conditions, we are joining with the Regional Water Authority in urging our residents and businesses to take actions to voluntarily reduce water use by a minimum of 15%. This follows Governor Newsom’s July 8th Executive Order that expanded the drought to 50 of the 58 counties in CA and asked residents to reduce water use by 15%. The Rancho Murieta CSD Board voted unanimously on July 21, 2021 to adopt these same voluntary water conservation measures.

The three organizations are joining together to reduce water use and educate the Community of ways we can all add to the reduction of water use.

  • The District has reduced its overall water usage by 15%
  • The RMA has reduced its overall water usage by 40%
  • The Country Club has reduced its overall water usage by 15%

Here are some tips to reduce your water usage:


  • ·         Limit Outdoor Water Use. Turn off sprinklers before and after rain events and reduce amount of watering time.
  • ·         Consider installation of drought tolerant landscaping. Do not water between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., otherwise some of the water will be lost to evaporation. Early morning is better. Adjust or deactivate automatic sprinklers on cool, overcast days.
  • ·         Fix leaky faucets, toilets, appliances, and sprinklers. Leaks vary in amount, but they can account for a lot of wasted water over time.
  • ·         Fill the dishwasher. Wait until you have a full dishwasher to run the machine.
  • ·         Take a shower instead of a bath and take shorter showers. As reported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if you shower for 5 minutes or less you will use about 10 to 15 gallons of water compared to baths, which use up to 70 gallons of water.
  • ·         Turn off the water when brushing your teeth. According to the EPA, this simple act may save more than 200 gallons of water in a single month.

The CSD, Country Club and RMA are dedicated to reducing our water by 15% on landscaping and outdoor use. Please join us as we protect our water, wildlife, and Community.

To learn more about current conditions, the state’s response, and informational resources, please visit the state’s drought preparedness website: