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2014 Resolutions


Resolution 2014-02 General ElectionResolution 2014-03 Intent to Reimburse from Proceeds of Tax Exempt SecuritiesResolution 2014-04 WTP MNDResolution 2014-05 Withdrawal of Bid - Bidder ErrorResolution 2014-06 Honoring Rob McLeod, Utiities SupervisorResotion 2014-07 Groundwater Augmentation Well IS/ND Resolution 2014-08 FY 2014-2015 BudgetResolution 2014-09 American River Basin Water Management PlanResolution 2014-10 Inter-Fund Transfer and Loan for District Share of WTP ProjectResolution 2014-11 Honor of Edward R. Crouse, General ManagerResoltuion 2014-12 Honor of Darlene Gillum, Assistant General ManagerRersolution 2014-13 Recycled Water System Expansion Project IS/NDResolution 2014-14 Accepting Easement RightsResolution 2014-15 Goals and Policies Persuant to Mello-Roos Community Facilities ActResolution 2014-16 Intent to Establish CFD #2014-1Resolution 2014-17 Intent to Incur Bonded Indebtedness CFD # 2014-1Resolution 2014-18 Amend Conflict of Interest CodeResolution 2014-19 Teeter PlanResolution 2014-20 Amend Rate and Method of Approtionment of Special Tax for CFD#2014-1Resolution 2014-21 Determining Validity of CFD #2014-1Resolution 2014-22 Incur Bonded Indebtedness for CFD #2014-1Resolution 2014-23 Election ResultsRresolution 2014-24 Issuance of CFD #2014-1Resolution 2014-25 Accept Easement for Retreats WestResolution 2014-26 GM to Approve Change Orders for WTP ProjectResolution 2014-27 Unrepresented Employers ContributionResolution 2014-28 Represented Employers ContributionResolution 2014-29 Hiring of Ed Crouse as Interim General ManagerResolution 2014-30 Modifying Resolution 2014-24Resolution 2014-31 Election ResultsResolution 2014-32 Honoring Roberta Belton, Director