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2022 Resolutions

Resolution R2022-01 Appropriating Funds for Tertiary Feed Pump Rehabilitation CIP #22-11-02Resolution R2022-02 Appropriating Funds for Emergency Repair to De La Cruz CIP #22-11-01Resolution R2022-03 Calling for General ElectionResolution R2022-04 Appropriating Funds for Design Services with HDR for Water Treatment Facility Chlorine Gas to Hypochlorite Conversion Project CIP #21-02-01Resolution R2022-05 Application for Cal-Recycle GrantResolution R2022-06 Appropriating Funds for Laguna Joaquin Midge Fly MitigationResolution R2022-07 Appropriating Funds for CalCAD GIS SystemResolution R2022-08 Receiving $1.3 Million from SB170Resolution R2022-09 Appropriating Funds for Lift Station 6A WiringResolution R2022-10 Appropriating Funds for Lift Station 6A PumpResolution R2022-11 Authorizing Contract with Dommenichelli & Associates for Water Conveyance Options Basis of Design ReportResolution R2022-12 CalPERS Waive 180 Waiting Period - Accounting ManagerResolution R2022-13 Appropriating Funds for Eide Bailey Accounting ServicesResolution R202-15 BudgetResolution R 2022-16 Appointing Hearing Officer For R. TompkinsResolution R2022-18 Calling for a Supplemental Security Tax Measure to be Placed on the 11/8/2022 BallotResolution R 2022-19 Authorizing Design Repair with Domenichelli & Assoc. for Repairs to Lake 11Resolution R2022-21 Authorizing Emergency Repairs to Lake 11Resolution R 2022-23 Rio Oso Lift Station Contrats with Kirby Pump and Prodigy ElectricResolution R2022-25 Accepting Completed Utility System Improvements