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Solid Waste Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I call to start service?
To start your residential service, call California Waste Recovery Systems at 916-354-4154.

How do I change chart sizes?
To change cart size, call California Waste Recovery Systems Customer Service Center at 916-354-4154.

What cart sizes are available?

Rancho Murieta Residents have several cart sizes to choose from. For trash service, there are three choices: 38 gallon, 64 gallon, and 96 gallon. Trash carts are serviced weekly.

For Recycling and for Yard and Garden service, there are two sizes available: 64 gallon and 96 gallon. Each is serviced bi-weekly, on alternative weeks. Click here for collection calendar.

Can I put extra Yard & Garden materials out for collection?

Each resident can have FREE collection of extra yard trimmings from December 1st to March 31st each year. You do not need to call; just have it bagged or bundled and placed next to your cart on your Yard & Garden service day.

If one Yard & Garden cart is not enough, you may request a second cart at no additional charge.

What is Bulky Waste clean up?

Each resident can have up to 4 FREE collection of large items, such as furniture and general household materials or garage clean-ups, in a calendar year. Effective June 2013, U-Waste collection has been added. You may place up to 6 cubic yards of material at the curb on your service day. To arrange a pick up, call California Waste Recovery Systems at 916-354-4154.

What materials are acceptable for the Recycling cart? For the Yard & Garden cart?

Click here for a list of acceptable items for the recycling carts and yard & garden carts.

How do I dispose of medication?

Click Here for more information and medication disposal locations.

How do I dispose of used motor oil?

Each resident is entitled to FREE used oil and oil filter collection. This collection service is available weekly and California Waste Recovery Systems provides the containers. Just call 916-354-4154 and ask for the containers to be delivered to your home. Put the full container(s) out next to the cart on your regular collection day and California Waste Recovery System will pick it up and leave you an empty container.

How do I dispose of used cooking oil?

Similar to the Used Motor Oil collection, any cooking oil produced for food preparation and consumption purposes that is no longer useful because of use, extended storage or spillage can be set out for collection. Just call Cal-Waste at 354-4154 and they will deliver empty containers for your used cooking oil. Then set out the full containers on your next regular collection day. (Used Cooking Oil shall not contain water, soapsuds, and/or food debris.)

How do I dispose of electronic waste (e-waste)?

Cal-Waste now provides e-waste collection, cell phone collection, household battery collection, and universal waste collection. Click Here for more information.

How do I dispose of household hazardous waste?

Leftover household products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable, or reactive ingredients are considered to be household hazardous waste (HHW). Click here to find out more about household hazardous waste and how to dispose of them.